5 Facts about Outdoor Exposure for Seniors

June 24, 2018

1. Being outside boosts vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is directly related to an improved immune system and a more positive outlook. Spending about 15 minutes of time each day in the sun is an ideal way for seniors to boost their vitamin D levels.

2. Nature can help boost immunity.

By helping seniors feel more positive and increasing mental health, the great outdoors help seniors build and maintain healthy immune systems.

3. Being outside helps seniors feel more energized.

Tired? Take a walk! Getting outside is a great way for sluggish seniors to feel more active.

4. People who spend time outside recover from injuries faster.

Exposure to natural light is powerful, and people who spend lots of time outdoors can recover from injuries faster.

5. Being outside helps seniors improve focus.

Being outdoors gives the brain a break from everyday multitasking and allows it to form new memories and heal itself from over-extension. This contributes to higher attention levels and improved mental health.


Aging, Healthy Living | August 25, 2016