Ideas to Stay Young-at-Heart After You Retire

March 24, 2017

While you have some control over the physical aging process with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, the fact that your body ages as you get older is inevitable. However, you have much greater control over your attitude toward aging. Here are steps you can take to cultivate a positive, youthful attitude at any age.

Resurrect youthful passions. You probably have hobbies or interests that you enjoyed when you were younger, but had to put aside when the demands of work and raising a family took over. After you retire, you have the time to enjoy them again or to try new things. Many older people participate in choruses or bands like they did in high school. Others pursue photography, art, writing, crafts or taking adult education classes.

Make friends with people of different ages. You might be surprised at how many younger people enjoy the company of older folks. To many people, age is just a number. They are more concerned with your personality, attitude and common interests. Younger people can bring vitality and fresh perspectives to your life. You may serve as a role model or a source of wisdom and stability for them without even realizing it. If you live in an age 55 and older active adult community, don't isolate yourself and limit your interactions to other seniors. Venture out and enjoy the rest of the community.

By: Dave Hughes; U.S. News