Living a Life Without Responsibility!

May 14, 2017

Retirement brings with it an escape from the 8-5 schedule and office politics. You can finally spend your day filled with activities that you want to do rather than have to do without a looming deadline. And while you still may feel pride knowing that you are physically capable of daily chores of cooking meals or mowing the lawn, you may want a respite from these activities, even if it’s just once in a while. Enter independent living communities, the solution for retirees who are physically active and ready for new adventures, just with fewer chores.

The perks of joining an independent living community often mean that you have access to amenities, such as a movie theater, beauty salon or fitness center, which you wouldn’t have in your own home. Not only do these conveniences save you a trip into town, but they also foster a sense of community amongst residents because they can meet up for movie nights or exercise classes. Other amenities also found in newer communities include hobby rooms or woodshops, gardening areas and walking paths.

Joining this type of community also allows you to reap the benefits of living alongside other active seniors who may have similar interests. Depending upon the community’s size, there may be a designated staff member who is the activity director. Activities are often tailored to meet the interests of the community and can feature resident clubs, in addition to cards and movie nights. Outings to local restaurants, shopping trips and nearby attractions are also popular offerings.

There will undoubtedly be an adjustment period following your move into a community.  Hopefully, you planned the move successfully so all your furniture fits into your new apartment. Many communities have an ambassador who welcomes new residents and makes them feel at home. Just as it took you time to settle into your neighborhood where you lived for decades, so too will it take time to adjust to your new home. And you aren’t alone if you worry that the transition won’t be easy. But what you can expect after this transition period is a built-in support group of friends and staff who help you live an even more active life.

Written by’s Andrea Watts.