For the LOVE of Music!

January 13, 2017

Missie Greenwood, a charter resident of Lake Prince Woods was so elated when she got the news of a much anticipated move. “I’m going to Lake Prince Woods!” she shouted as her son notified her of her acceptance into the vibrant senior community.

Missie Greenwood grew up in a family full of love, compassion, and of course they all shared a love for music. Missie inherited her musical skills from her mother as she taught her and her siblings how to play musical instruments and sing. Missie shared that her mother had a lot of patience, and taught her what patience really was which geared her for her musical journey. Because of this training she is now able to adapt to almost any musical setting and play the piano by ear. “Even now I am teaching myself to play the organ,” she said.

She explain that it is a complete joy to be at Lake Prince Woods because they offer her the opportunity to be herself and showcase her talents in many forms. She is a member of several music groups and considers it a blessing that she can participate in many programs while never leaving her home. Missie stated that God brought her here to touch the lives of many through music.

Lake Prince Woods offers many musically enhanced programs that would meet anyone’s love for melodic tunes.  Like Missie, many others have found there place in our musical environment from concerts or recitals to cabarets or bands. There is something for everyone.

Lake Prince Woods is situated on 172 wooded acres in Suffolk, Virginia, where residents gain an incredible outdoor living experience. For more information along with a personal tour of our campus please contact us at or 757-923-5500.