Managing Stress: While being a Caregiver

November 25, 2016


To manage stress, here are some useful tips:

Know what resources are available: Senior living communities, assisted living communities and memory-support communities are just some of the services that can help you manage daily tasks.

Get help: Trying to do everything by yourself will leave you exhausted. Seek the support of family, friends and caregivers going through similar experiences. Tell others exactly what they can do to help. Contact the Alzheimer's Association 24/7 Helpline (800-272-3900) and use as a resource for support and guidance.

Use relaxation techniques: There are several simple relaxation techniques that can help relieve stress. Try more than one to find which works best for you. Techniques include:

• Visualization (mentally picturing a place or situation that is peaceful and calm).

• Meditation (which can be as simple as dedicating 15 minutes a day to letting go of all stressful thoughts).

• Breathing exercises (slowing your breathing and focusing on taking deep breaths).

• Progressive muscle relaxation (tightening and then relaxing each muscle group, starting at one end of your body and working your way to the other end).

If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself, make an appointment to talk to your family doctor.

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