A Message from Chaplain Gary Newsome

April 27, 2020

Let us take a look at our hands. They are God’s hands. Frankfurt, Germany was badly bombed during World War II. When the people of the city were clearing the debris after the war, one of the major projects was the restoration of a cathedral.  In the ruins inside the chancel, a statue of the Christ was found. It was intact except for the hands which had been broken off.

At first, the decision of those responsible for the restoration was to get a sculpture to carve a new statue. Then someone said, “The original statue should be restored to its old position” (without hands).

There can be found today with these words at the base “Christ has no hands but our hands”

Thanks to all the Nurses, CNA’s, Social Workers, Dietary, Maintenance and frontliners who use their precious gifts (Hands) for the benefit and wellbeing of our residents.

By Love serve one another. (Galatians 5:13)