Retirement: A New Way of Life

July 7, 2015

Through all the differences, there are several things that should be taken into consideration: price, location, housing options and care options. These are all important factors in the choice, but some are easy to overlook.

A solid list of activities, clubs and opportunities is a good indicator that you're looking at a quality retirement community. Are residents having fun?

It's important to schedule a visit and actually witness the culture of the community so you can see if residents are actively taking advantage of those opportunities.

If a lively and involved culture is what you're looking for, this will give you a better idea whether or not a retirement community has it..

The people who surround you at a retirement community can make or break the experience. Kind, caring and trustworthy staff members are an important piece of the puzzle. Look for a staff that greets their residents by name as they pass them in the halls and goes out of their way to make your visit remarkable and memorable.

History and reputation
Brand new retirement communities and ones that have stood the test of time can serve the same level of quality. But there's no doubting a community that has been around for decades has the experience and knowledge to make its residents' time there the best it can be.

Checking into the history and reputation of a retirement community that has been caring for seniors for years can be a window to the type of care and superior treatment you can expect.

United Church Homes and Services, the parent company of Lake Prince Woods, began serving senior adults in 1971. It operates two retirement communities in North Carolina as well as other senior-related facilities. Lake Prince Woods proudly celebrates 13 years of serving seniors in Suffolk, Virginia.

Deciding to move from your home to a retirement community is a big decision. By considering the things that go beyond cost, location and housing and care options, you'll be sure to get a complete picture of what life will be like at a community and be on your way to many happy years in a new place that's the perfect fit for you.

Tammy Garrett and Trish Alt would love to tell you more about the exciting retirement lifestyle awaiting you at Lake Prince Woods. Contact them at [email protected], or 757-923-5504, or [email protected], 757-923-5559 and make an appointment for your visit.

by Tom Garvin