Solutions for Senior Adult Living

May 19, 2015

In a New York Times blog, "How in the World Will We Care for All the Elderly?", Judith Graham noted, "All over the world, people are living longer than ever before and posing caregiving challenges that span the globe."

Graham also points out that almost 58 million people worldwide will turn 60 this year. "By 2050, there will be more old people than children under the age of 15 for the first time in history," she notes.

The best scenario, according to Graham, is for people to live longer, in good health, remain productive, valued members of society who contribute in workplaces, communities and families through their later years, and be treated respectfully and supported economically and socially as they become frail.

Fortunately, choosing to live in a continuing care retirement community meets most of the factors in that scenario. Unfortunately, too many people wait too late to make the move to a CCRC. They wait until their health has failed and they can no longer live independently.

Click here to find out why some of our residents are glad they made the move when they did.

Residential living at Lake Prince Woods provides a maintenance-free, worry-free lifestyle with plenty of time to pursue travel, leisure or volunteer activities. Choose from four cottage and villa plans or a multitude of apartment floor plans to find the residence that's right for you.

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