Top Downsizing Tips

November 13, 2020

Top Downsizing Tips


Thinking of making a move? Here are some tips to make downsizing easier!


Start early and start small

After living in one place for many years, downsizing can seem overwhelming. Starting early or while  searching for a senior living community will give you an advantage. Go through one room at a time instead of tackling the whole house. Hit the kitchen and living room first, which tend to be more cluttered and hold most everyday use items. Giving yourself a few weeks or even months is necessary to make the process less stressful.

Have a plan for your new home

If you have already chosen your senior living community, get the dimensions of your home and start planning. Measure all furniture before deciding what to keep and what to donate or get rid of. Having a plan and designated area for belongings will make move in day much easier.

Make it meaningful

Make a list of belongings that you can’t part with, while keeping in mind space limitations. Making DVDs of photographs or scanning them to an online storage cloud is a much better option than finding space for boxes of old pictures. You can also create a list of important items that will need a new home with friends or family.

Get the kids to help

Remember – you don’t have to do it alone. Enlist your children to help you sort through belongings and reach out to make sure the items you’re getting rid of don’t hold sentimental value to them.

Have a plan for unwanted items

Figuring out what to do with items no longer needed or wanted can also take time. While many churches and non-profits welcome donations, some are selective on what they can take. Plan out where to donate items after you’ve sorted them and remember to ask each charity for a receipt to deduct the donations on your taxes.