When is the Best Time to Move to a Retirement Community?

January 11, 2022

For most older adults who currently live independently but like the idea of living in a setting where health services are available if needed at some point, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) like Lake Prince Woods can be the ideal solution.

A common question among prospective CCRC residents is, "When is the best time to make the move?" There is no right answer to this question because everyone's situation is different and unique. On the contrary, waiting too long can mean missing out on some of the very reasons people are attracted to these communities in the first place.

If you feel that a continuing care retirement community is right for you, we have provided a few reasons why you may want to consider moving sooner rather than later. Most residents say, "My only regret is not moving sooner."

Services and Amenities: One of many benefits of living in a CCRC is having easy access to an array of services, amenities, and activities. Many of these perks take place within the community, but CCRCs are increasingly providing ways for residents to stay involved in the broader community through service projects, adult education classes, and more. Moving earlier allows residents to more fully enjoy and benefit from socializing and staying involved.

Wellness Programs: CCRCs like Lake Prince Woods strive to help residents stay healthy and live independently as long as possible. Health and wellness programs may include access to qualified fitness professionals, fitness centers, low-impact aerobics/stretch classes, and yoga classes, just to name a few.

Friendships: Residents of CCRCs say that one of the best things about the community in which they live is the friendships they have form with other residents. Those who wait too long to make the move may not have the time to develop meaningful relationships, which can be particularly helpful as part of a support network. There are also many emotional benefits to having a group of friends that share common interests.

Smooth Transition: Moving is never an easy process, but it only gets more difficult with time. Those who are able and in good health can handle the transition better and usually embrace the new chapter in life. Waiting too long only seems to add complications to the move.

Want to learn more about CCRC living and discover the benefits of moving sooner rather than later? Contact Lake Prince Woods today!