Woodworking with Wes

September 17, 2021

"Bill Winter, Bill Cloe, and some of the other original residents founded the shop," said Wes. "Lake Prince Woods was kind enough to give us space and donate some equipment like a table saw and joiner to get us started." The woodworking shop is located in the maintenance building off Spirit Circle, central to the community and easy for all to access. Wes and some of the other founding members of the shop built jewelry boxes to sell to an Ivor furniture store and donated a few to residents at Lake Prince Woods. "After we started selling the jewelry boxes we had the funds to buy more equipment and the shop really started to grow," said Wes. 

Like many of the groups and committees at Lake Prince Woods, the woodworking shop is committed to furthering the mission of Lake Prince Woods and EveryAge by providing assistance to the community and our residents. After a hurricane torn down a few trees located in the community years ago, the shop members jumped to action and helped clear the fallen trees from the neighborhood. When asked what he enjoyed most about woodworking, Wes replied, "Well, I just like it! Isn't that a good reason to do anything?"