Finding JOY in teaching!

January 18, 2017

Barbara Bainbridge finds joy and excitement in new teaching opportunities at Lake Prince Woods. Barbara is a longtime resident for over 10 years. She enjoys crafts, exercise and socialization. Recently, over the last few years Barbara discovered a new passion. Three years ago she decided to take up crocheting to assist with an outreach initiative for Lake Prince Woods along with other residents to make hats for cancer patients for the local hospital.  “I’ve always been a knitter for years, so I didn’t think crocheting would be difficult to learn,” she stated. Once she started she never stopped. She has been crocheting ever since. She enjoys making and following patterns for countless crocheting designs.

Barbara enjoys crocheting so much she took on the opportunity to teach others. Barbara commits to weekly meetings with staff to teach them basic crocheting techniques. She is rounding up her own team of fierce yarn tangling needle dropping students. She often makes fun with her trainees and says “If I can do this at 90; anyone is able to do it!”

Lake Prince Woods has a specific goal in mind for all residents, to increase the quality of living for everyone. Allowing them freedom to be themselves at all times.