Kitty Buchanan Celebrates 100th Birthday

January 18, 2015

Catherine Buchanan celebrated her 100th birthday this week in typical fashion of her personality:  quietly and with little fanfare.  The soft-spoken centenarian gave her daughter, Betty Chapman, also a Lake Prince Woods resident, credit for helping her live to this milestone.

After Kitty moved to Assisted Living at Lake Prince Woods four years ago she began taking painting classes and uncovered her talent for art.  Although for years she had knitted, crocheted, and made clothes for her daughter she had never painted but found she enjoyed it and is good at it.  She loves painting birds and animals.

Kitty's family is pleased she has a new-found talent since she has given several of her paintings to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The art classes Kitty attends at Lake Prince Woods are underwritten by a grant from the UCHS Foundation.  Gifts to the Foundation from donors make this class as well as other life-enriching programs available at Lake Prince Woods.