Lake Prince Woods Caregiver's Support Group

March 14, 2018

Being a caregiver to a loved one is hard work, lonely and often isolating.  The Lake Prince Woods Caregiver's Support Group is designed to provide emotional, educational and social support for caregivers.

Support group members validate each other’s experiences. It’s a relief to know that what you’re going through is normal and that you’re not the only one with these feelings – negative or positive. Support groups are great places to ask for advice, find out about useful resources, and just vent about your frustrations. Nobody will judge you because everyone is going through the same struggles.

The public is invited to join the Lake Prince Woods Caregiver's Support Group.  The next meeting is Monday, March 19, 3pm at the community - 100 Anna Goode Way, Suffolk, VA.

For additional information, contact Denise Brown, Life Enrichment Director-757-923-5513.